Project 365 Week 1 and 2!

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Best day ever,according to these boys. They enjoyed having their buddy over for a sleep over and they all got along very well!


And now its back to school! This is the worse day ever for Jaxon. He is extremely depressed and just does not want to go back. He proceeds to inform me that he HATES waking up am pretty sure he ment early! 


 Today has gone a little better for Jaxon and his waking up "late" (he really means early). We sat down on the couch to do his nightly 30 mins of reading for school and I began to read the book to him and he says "I can read that whole book by myself!"  Well alright there buddy how about if you read it to me and i will help you if needed.



I am totally having one of those days,the laundry is kicking my butt!! It feels like it is never ending and i'm starting to feel defeated!!


I purchased a solid wood desk at a local auction about 4 months ago and it has been sitting in our playroom waiting for a facelift. Well today I finally decided to get it started.



Not much going on today just keeping it simple. My sister in law has these pinecones sitting around and this one just looked almost perfect.


Well we went threw this juicing phase,we loved the juice but I got lazy and haven't juiced much lately. But there was one recipe that the boys really loved. They had been requesting it so we went ahead and made some. Its orange,pineapple,carrots and ginger. It really is soo good!(I couldn't decide on just 1 photo)





Well Tim has been gone all day to some beer release in Ft.Lauderdale and Tyler has gone to his dad's for the weekend,so its just the 3 of us. We have been working on Kaleb's project for school all day and i decided to reward them with a trip to the candy isle. They were told they could pick any thing they wanted (within reason of course) and WOW was that a huge challenge for them....But they eventually they were able to narrow it down and choose 1. It felt like an eternity!!! 


  We met up with my brother and his family and tried out a new local restaurant. It was great! The kids enjoyed it but as usual they started there bickering and fighting so we need to make Jaxon sit with us. Didn't seem to bother him to much as he was blowing straw rockets.


I decided to attempt to be betty crocker and it actually work out! This chocolate chip banana cake with homemade peanut butter frosting tasted great! I will totally keep my day job and not attempt to be a cake decorator!



It rained most of the day and night yesterday so come this afternoon everything was drying up except for a few rain drops that looked so beautiful glistening in the sun.


A nice ending to a long day! Today was "One of those days" I just couldn't get my head in the game. I of course got all of my daily routine taken care of but really was lacking that kick in the butt i needed to get anything extra accomplished. So i have decided to enjoy a nice hot cup of camomile tea and hit the sack early! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


Well the Tim and the kids are going hunting for the weekend so today its lots of laundry and getting the boys all packed up. I came across my charger for my old Kodak Easy Share Camera. I got it all charged up and was about to use it to see if it still worked.It sounds a little rough but it works. I took out the SD Card that was in it and it was a 256MB, it made me chuckle.Since that wouldn't even hold a 1 image on my 6D...



Well its Friday and after work they head to Madison to go hunting. Well the dishes will be down to a minimum this weekend. Not to sure what i will do with myself either. Tyler is still home with me so at least I'm not completely alone....Even though i may as well be alone since he won't come out of his room all weekend except to ask me for food or to take him somewhere!


Dianna Bell(non-registered)
This online blog is awesome, Erica... thank U for sharing... I absolutely love your pics!!

U are such a good Mom, I am very proud of U.

Love, Auntie Dianna
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